Jordi Jubanys Artista, Pintor, Esculptor


There are few days for my next exhibition at the Art Gallery of Art Gallery of “EL CLAUSTRE” in Girona.

Although now I can consider accustomed to exhibitions, I always have that special feeling when s' brings an inauguration is a sum of the peace of mind that I had a job as honestly as possible and that reflects my artistic point of view, but also the amount of nerve to expose it to public view and know their opinion.

If further added that the inauguration day is a new book presents the entire collection of the exhibition, a book that is dedicated to Land Girona, where I always felt so good and so well received understand that this is for me a very special exhibition and would like to share with you.

We therefore hope on October 21th at a quarter to nine in the evening the Art Gallery of “EL CLAUSTRE” in Girona

I hope you all do not miss it !!


Saturday March 5th 2016, at 19:00h

 On the occasion of the exhibition "THE ROLE OF ART / THE ART OF PAPER" dare speak at the Galeria d'Art El Claustre address Figueres, on Aquarela and simultaneously hold two works that will be drawn among the attendees. I hope

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